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The EU Files
Yesterday 6:00

Philanthropy allows the rich to influence Europe’s policy agenda

Daniël van Kessel, Salsabil Fayed, Ada Homolová & Lise Witteman
The CumEx Investigation
6 June

Financial activist Gerhard Schick: ‘CumEx fraudsters should go to prison’

Eric Smit
The China Files
2 June

Hops from China drenched in coercive labour, also at Heineken’s partner

Siem Eikelenboom, Annebelle de Bruijn & Dorine Booij
The EU Files
31 May

Big Pharma lobby dons charity disguise in Brussels

Salsabil Fayed, Daniël van Kessel, Lise Witteman & Ada Homolová
The EU Files
26 May

Europe's leaders wipe out their tracks by deleting e-mails and text messages

Peter Teffer
20 May

North Sea clean up of rotten infrastructure costs billions (but no one wants to pay)

Birte Schohaus, Margaux Tjoeng, Dimitri Tokmetzis & Leon de Korte
18 May

After the South Pole controversy, Zimbabwe steps in with a plan to regulate CO2 trade

Ties Gijzel
The EU Files
18 May

The US is major funder of lobbying activities of Europe’s civil society organisations

Salsabil Fayed, Daniël van Kessel, Lise Witteman & Ada Homolová
The China Files
17 May

Heineken profits from the repression of Uyghurs in China

Siem Eikelenboom, Annebelle de Bruijn & Dorine Booij
15 May

Dividend stripping: Dutch Prosecutor’s office looking for those ultimately responsible at ABN Amro

Eric Smit & Siem Eikelenboom
14 May

Takeover of Unilever’s tea division makes living wage for tea pickers unlikely

Yara van Heugten
The EU Files
13 May

Corrupt EU officials escape justice after a decade of probes

Simon Van Dorpe