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The EU Files
2 October

Political scientist Tommaso Pavone on neglect of the rule of law: ‘The European Commission has all too often been a bystander’

Jesse Pinster & Lukas Kotkamp
24 September

The ‘by-product’ of the dairy industry: three calves slaughtered per minute

Ties Joosten
19 September

You decide: what is Europe’s most obscure cash flow?

Arne van der Wal, Frank Meijer, Lukas Kotkamp & Ties Gijzel
The EU Files
13 September

Brussels will not tolerate any ‘interference’ in how the corona billions are spent

Peter Teffer
30 August 2022

For twelve years, the Netherlands has kept its Caribbean citizens poor

Daniël van Kessel & Nikki Brands
23 August 2022

Democracies are fragile, independent media are vital

Eric Smit
14 August 2022

Both the State and the royal family benefited from the earnings of Dutch East Indies ‘comfort women’

Griselda Molemans & Hee Seok Park
The Russia Crisis
12 August 2022

The EU and ‘partner’ Azerbaijan: gas first, morals second

Lukas Kotkamp
The EU Files
28 July 2022

Brussels wants to scatter useless hydrogen filling stations all over Europe

Jesse Pinster
The EU Files
27 July 2022

Lobby researcher: ‘The Kroes case shows superbly how the system is failing’

Peter Teffer
The EU Files
29 June 2022

Member States sabotage public scrutiny of EU-funds worth hundreds of billions of euros

Lise Witteman
21 June 2022

Funds for former Soviet countries cause more tension between Europe and Moscow

Ada Homolová & Lise Witteman