Podcast | Money trails, with Oliver Bullough

Financial-economic journalist Roel Janssen and Follow the Money’s co-editor-in-chief Eric Smit speak with British investigative journalist Oliver Bullough, who has a special interest in bad money and how criminals, kleptocrats and white-collar criminals are able to spend it all over the world. These people do so by using the services of the Western legal systems and the financial industry, as Bullough showed in his acclaimed bestseller Moneyland: why thieves and crooks now rule the world and how to take it back’.


A follow-up that would focus on the role of the financial sector in facilitating dubious money flows was eagerly awaited. Last summer that book was published: Butler to the World: how Britain helps the world’s worst people launder money, commit crimes, and get away with anything. Janssen and Smit talk with Bullough, amongst other things, about his fascination with the British elite who ensured that almost every oligarch and kleptocrat would find their way to London.