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30 August 2022

For twelve years, the Netherlands has kept its Caribbean citizens poor

Daniël van Kessel & Nikki Brands
23 August 2022

Democracies are fragile, independent media are vital

Eric Smit
14 August 2022

Both the State and the royal family benefited from the earnings of Dutch East Indies ‘comfort women’

Griselda Molemans & Hee Seok Park
The Russia Crisis
12 August 2022

The EU and ‘partner’ Azerbaijan: gas first, morals second

Lukas Kotkamp
The EU Files
28 July 2022

Brussels wants to scatter useless hydrogen filling stations all over Europe

Jesse Pinster
The EU Files
27 July 2022

Lobby researcher: ‘The Kroes case shows superbly how the system is failing’

Peter Teffer
The EU Files
29 June 2022

Member States sabotage public scrutiny of EU-funds worth hundreds of billions of euros

Lise Witteman
21 June 2022

Funds for former Soviet countries cause more tension between Europe and Moscow

Ada Homolová & Lise Witteman
The EU Files
16 June 2022

Conjuring up hundreds of billions without having a penny: here’s how Brussels does it

Jesse Pinster
8 June 2022

The undisputed appointment of Putin’s lawyer to Dutch Supreme Court

Eric Smit & Jan-Hein Strop
30 May 2022

France is forcing Philips to prioritise French apnea patients over European ones

Peter Teffer
26 May 2022

Drones and concrete to withstand bullets: collaboration with ‘ordinary’ Chinese universities also poses risks

Annebelle de Bruijn, Dorine Booij, Mira Sys, Heleen Emanuel & Siem Eikelenboom
The EU Files
23 May 2022

Brussels wants to ban Russian lobbyists, but France is not cooperating

Peter Teffer
The China Files
21 May 2022

China sends selected military researchers to the Netherlands to gather sensitive knowledge

Annebelle de Bruijn, Dorine Booij, Mira Sys, Heleen Emanuel & Siem Eikelenboom
The China Files
19 May 2022

European universities are helping China to build the world’s most modern army

Dorine Booij, Heleen Emanuel, Annebelle de Bruijn, Mira Sys & Siem Eikelenboom
The EU Files
6 May 2022

Politics rolled out the red carpet for speculation on energy and food prices

Lise Witteman
The EU Files
3 May 2022

Most MEPs voting for transparency don’t publish office expenses

Ada Homolová & Peter Teffer
The Russia Crisis
24 April 2022

C-Corp: the one-stop-shop for Putin’s friends in tax haven the Netherlands

Henk Willem Smits & Hugo Rasch
The EU Files
3 April 2022

Orbán fools Brussels and funnels millions to his favorite football clubs

Jesse Pinster
The EU Files
1 April 2022

EU journalist Jan Werts: ‘For almost fifty years, I’ve wondered: who’s the boss in Europe?’

Jesse Pinster
The Russia Crisis
21 March 2022

Villas, aeroplanes and yachts: 80 journalists hunting for the assets of Putin’s pals

Henk Willem Smits, Dimitri Tokmetzis & Nikki Brands
The Russia Crisis
17 March 2022

Even the ‘useful idiots’ in the European Parliament are distancing themselves from Putin

Ada Homolová & Jesse Pinster
16 March 2022

Northern Dutch fishing fleet cannot compete with imports from Alaska

Margaux Tjoeng
The Russia Crisis
12 March 2022

Who is Jorrit Faassen, Putin’s Dutch son in law?

Charlie Ubbens, Jan Daalder & Marthe-Geke Bracht
10 March 2022

Dutch poultry conglomerate nests in France with its speed-bred broiler chickens

Amélie Poinssot & Lukas Kotkamp
The EU Files
9 March 2022

European Commission officials admitted that internal record-keeping rules were vague

Peter Teffer
The EU Files
6 March 2022

RRF boss Céline Gauer: ‘We shouldn’t approve recovery plans made in ivory towers’

Jesse Pinster & Lise Witteman
The EU Files
3 March 2022

‘Transition fuels’ are a fantasy created by the fossil fuel industry

Piero Loi & Raffaele Angius
The EU Files
2 March 2022

Automotive industry scores billions for their polluting hybrids from European recovery fund

Lise Witteman
The Russia Crisis
27 February 2022

These are the Russians that the Netherlands can squeeze [updated 15 March]

Hugo Rasch, Henk Willem Smits & Remy Koens

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