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Ada Homolová

Data and investigative journalist. Uses Python to search for stories in huge spreadsheets. Working with FTM’s Bureau Brussel on European stories. Special interest in public spending. Used to crunch data for Investico, OneWorld, Pointer and OCCRP. Also with Lost in Europe and Arena.


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The EU Files

Big Pharma lobby dons charity disguise in Brussels

Salsabil Fayed, Daniël van Kessel, Lise Witteman & Ada Homolová
The EU Files
18 May

The US is major funder of lobbying activities of Europe’s civil society organisations

Salsabil Fayed, Daniël van Kessel, Lise Witteman & Ada Homolová
The EU Files
31 March 2023

EU countries fork out billions to hang on to electricity guzzling industry

Jesse Pinster & Ada Homolová
1 December 2022

Agricultural millionaires and minimum wages: how European subsidy policy increases inequality

Ada Homolová, Leon de Korte & Ties Joosten
The EU Files
1 November 2022

Europe thinks it can get rich by skimming off electricity’s ‘dream profits’

Jesse Pinster & Ada Homolová
The EU Files
23 October 2022

‘The liberalised energy market has not resulted in fair energy prices’

Peter Teffer & Ada Homolová
21 June 2022

Funds for former Soviet countries cause more tension between Europe and Moscow

Ada Homolová & Lise Witteman
The EU Files
3 May 2022

Most MEPs voting for transparency don’t publish office expenses

Ada Homolová & Peter Teffer
The Russia Crisis
17 March 2022

Even the ‘useful idiots’ in the European Parliament are distancing themselves from Putin

Ada Homolová & Jesse Pinster