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Eric Smit

Co-founder and co-editor-in-chief. Mission: holding those in power accountable by following money trails.

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1 February 2023

KPMG advised ABN Amro about fraudulent CumEx transactions in its dispute with German tax authorities

Eric Smit & Siem Eikelenboom
8 January 2023

Podcast | Money trails, with Oliver Bullough

Eric Smit & Roel Janssen
The CumEx Investigation
20 December 2022

Fortis Bank Netherlands engaged in fraudulent CumEx deals after its nationalisation

Eric Smit & Siem Eikelenboom
23 August 2022

Democracies are fragile, independent media are vital

Eric Smit
8 June 2022

The undisputed appointment of Putin’s lawyer to Dutch Supreme Court

Eric Smit & Jan-Hein Strop
17 February 2022

ABN Amro gambled with taxpayer money under the leadership of Gerrit Zalm

Eric Smit
7 July 2020

In the crosshairs of tax and investigation services: Dutch CumEx trader Frank Vogel

Eric Smit & Siem Eikelenboom
2 March 2019

Already in 2005, the FIOD detected worldwide billion-dollar fraud with dividend tax

Eric Smit & Siem Eikelenboom
The CumEx Investigation
8 November 2018

As a state bank, ABN Amro was involved in international dividend tax fraud

Eric Smit & Siem Eikelenboom