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Henk Willem Smits

Investigative journalist. Specializes in tax avoidance, fraud and corruption.

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12 May

Unilever breaks pledge: profits in Russia doubled, advertising spending increased

Rosanne Kropman & Henk Willem Smits
21 November 2022

Corona and tax hacks make Pfizer the most profitable company in the Netherlands

Henk Willem Smits
The Russia Crisis
24 April 2022

C-Corp: the one-stop-shop for Putin’s friends in tax haven the Netherlands

Henk Willem Smits & Hugo Rasch
The Russia Crisis
21 March 2022

Villas, aeroplanes and yachts: 80 journalists hunting for the assets of Putin’s pals

Dimitri Tokmetzis, Henk Willem Smits & Nikki Brands
The Russia Crisis
27 February 2022

These are the Russians that the Netherlands can squeeze [updated 15 March]

Henk Willem Smits, Hugo Rasch & Remy Koens
27 October 2021

DiscoLeaks: How ABBA, Julio Iglesias, two Beatles, and dozens of other stars used the Netherlands to avoid paying taxes

Henk Willem Smits & Remy Koens
15 May 2021

Pfizer avoids taxes via the Netherlands and makes a profit worth billions

Henk Willem Smits