Hugo Rasch


C-Corp: the one-stop-shop for Putin’s friends in tax haven the Netherlands

Henk Willem Smits & Hugo Rasch

Henk Willem Smits & Hugo Rasch

The Amsterdam-based trust office C-Corp is small and little-known, but serves the crème de la crème of the Russian business world. Among them are several billionaires, and Rostec, manufacturer of the BUK missile that shot down MH17. In the Netherlands, Rostec was involved in a joint venture with American company General Electric, according to research by Follow the Money.

These are the Russians that the Netherlands can squeeze [updated 15 March]

Henk Willem Smits, Hugo Rasch & Remy Koens

Henk Willem Smits, Hugo Rasch & Remy Koens

The Netherlands has traditionally been important for Russian companies and oligarchs. Even today, hundreds of Russian (letterbox) companies are registered in the Netherlands. Now that the European Union has announced sanctions against Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine, Follow the Money has mapped out how and where the Netherlands can hit Putin in his wallet. [Updated: 1 March.]