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The undisputed appointment of Putin’s lawyer to Dutch Supreme Court

Eric Smit & Jan-Hein Strop

Eric Smit & Jan-Hein Strop

Six days before President Putin began his war in Ukraine, the Dutch cabinet appointed a Kremlin lawyer to the counsellor of the Supreme Court, the highest judicial body. Alexander van der Voort Maarschalk, who joined the Supreme Court last week, worked at the large law firm Houthoff, which counselled the Russian Federation during some controversial proceedings. The Tax department, where he was a partner, performed ‘extremely poorly’ in complying with legal regulations for the prevention of money laundering.


Roche releases recipe after European Commission considers intervention due to lack of coronavirus tests

Eelke van Ark & Jan-Hein Strop

Eelke van Ark & Jan-Hein Strop

Pharmaceutical company Roche announced Friday afternoon that it will release the recipe for its lysis buffer if Dutch laboratories ask for it. Earlier today Follow the Money revealed that the European Commission was exploring options for an intervention in pharmaceutical company Roche, instigated by the possible abuse by Roche of its position of power on the coronavirus test market. Below you find the article that prompted Roche to release its recipe.

‘Test, test, test’ – but only if it pleases pharmaceutical company Roche

Jan-Hein Strop & Eelke van Ark

Jan-Hein Strop & Eelke van Ark

The Dutch policy of limited testing for the coronavirus is largely caused by a shortage of laboratory supplies. Pharmaceutical company Roche dominates the market for lab materials and currently supplies a mere 30 per cent of the Dutch orders. Roche holds the key to the storage cabinet and has as of yet kept the recipe which could help overcome certain shortages under its hat.