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Lise Witteman

Bureau Brussels’ team lead. Tracks the lobby and the networks from the member states to Brussels and back.

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The EU Files
29 June 2022

Member States sabotage public scrutiny of EU-funds worth hundreds of billions of euros

Lise Witteman
21 June 2022

Funds for former Soviet countries cause more tension between Europe and Moscow

Ada Homolová & Lise Witteman
The EU Files
6 May 2022

Politics rolled out the red carpet for speculation on energy and food prices

Lise Witteman
The EU Files
6 March 2022

RRF boss Céline Gauer: ‘We shouldn’t approve recovery plans made in ivory towers’

Jesse Pinster & Lise Witteman
The EU Files
2 March 2022

Automotive industry scores billions for their polluting hybrids from European recovery fund

Lise Witteman
The EU Files
3 November 2021

The Recovery Files: scrutinising the billions from Brussels

Lise Witteman & Peter Teffer