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Lukas Kotkamp

Independent all-round investigative journalist. Previously, a Brussels resident writing about the EU and related matters.

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16 November 2022

Pitch Europe: how private equity is reshaping the economy of Europe

Lukas Kotkamp & Ties Gijzel
The EU Files
6 October 2022

The public has spoken: these are Pitch Europe’s finalists

Lukas Kotkamp & Ties Gijzel
The EU Files
2 October 2022

Political scientist Tommaso Pavone on neglect of the rule of law: ‘The European Commission has all too often been a bystander’

Jesse Pinster & Lukas Kotkamp
19 September 2022

You decide: what is Europe’s most obscure cash flow?

Arne van der Wal, Frank Meijer, Lukas Kotkamp & Ties Gijzel
The Russia Crisis
12 August 2022

The EU and ‘partner’ Azerbaijan: gas first, morals second

Lukas Kotkamp
10 March 2022

Dutch poultry conglomerate nests in France with its speed-bred broiler chickens

Lukas Kotkamp & Amélie Poinssot