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These are the Russians that the Netherlands can squeeze [updated 15 March]

Henk Willem Smits, Hugo Rasch & Remy Koens

Henk Willem Smits, Hugo Rasch & Remy Koens

The Netherlands has traditionally been important for Russian companies and oligarchs. Even today, hundreds of Russian (letterbox) companies are registered in the Netherlands. Now that the European Union has announced sanctions against Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine, Follow the Money has mapped out how and where the Netherlands can hit Putin in his wallet. [Updated: 1 March.]


DiscoLeaks: How ABBA, Julio Iglesias, two Beatles, and dozens of other stars used the Netherlands to avoid paying taxes

Henk Willem Smits & Remy Koens

Henk Willem Smits & Remy Koens

It is no secret that U2, The Rolling Stones, and AC/DC have kept their music rights in the Netherlands. But does this also apply to other artists who sold millions of records? Yes, it does! From crooner Julio Iglesias and synthpop band Eurythmics to opera singer Placido Domingo, singer Vaya Con Dios, and Taiwanese pop star Teresa Teng: they all used the Netherlands and CuraƧao to evade tax, according to research by Follow the Money.