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Ties Gijzel

Studied economic policy. Writes about the challenges of the energy transition and tracks trade flows is Europe. Likes to work with colleagues abroad.

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18 May

After the South Pole controversy, Zimbabwe steps in with a plan to regulate CO2 trade

Ties Gijzel
25 April 2023

‘Green’ European companies hold back on adjusting incorrect climate claims

Bart Crezee & Ties Gijzel
10 March 2023

The world’s largest carbon trader is wrestling with painful facts about its business model

Ties Gijzel & Bart Crezee
27 January 2023

Showcase project by the world’s biggest carbon trader actually resulted in more carbon emissions

Bart Crezee & Ties Gijzel
29 November 2022

Half of Europe’s ‘Dark Green’ funds invest in the fossil fuel industry or in aviation

Ties Joosten, Ties Gijzel, Remy Koens, Yara van Heugten & Leon de Korte
16 November 2022

Pitch Europe: how private equity is reshaping the economy of Europe

Lukas Kotkamp & Ties Gijzel
The EU Files
6 October 2022

The public has spoken: these are Pitch Europe’s finalists

Lukas Kotkamp & Ties Gijzel
19 September 2022

You decide: what is Europe’s most obscure cash flow?

Arne van der Wal, Frank Meijer, Lukas Kotkamp & Ties Gijzel