Ties Keyzer


The sheep’s clothing of tobacco giant Philip Morris

Eva Schram, Tim Luimes, Stéphane Horel & Ties Keyzer

Eva Schram, Tim Luimes, Stéphane Horel & Ties Keyzer

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World claims to strive for a ‘smoke-free world’. In reality, founder and financier Philip Morris uses the foundation to influence the scientific debate on new ‘smokeless’ products to promote these emerging products and to prevent their further regulation.

MH17 was no obstacle to gas talks with Putin – they just had to be carried out secretly

Mira Sys & Ties Keyzer

Mira Sys & Ties Keyzer

After flight MH17 was downed by a Russian missile in 2014, the Netherlands froze diplomatic and trade relations with Russia. At least, to the outside world. Behind the scenes ties were quickly reestablished, which the Dutch government concealed from parliament. The reason: Russian gas.