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The Russia Crisis

There’s a war raging in Europe: for the first time since 1968, a European country has been invaded. What consequences will this war have for the Netherlands and Europe? 

In this dossier, we focus on how money flows to and from Russia. We analyse the role which the Netherlands plays in the chess game of the Russian rulers and wealthy oligarchs – in Groningen, at the Zuidas and in The Hague.

The Russia Crisis
14 December 2022

Putin’s oligarchs the EU prefers not to punish

Jesse Pinster
The Russia Crisis
12 August 2022

The EU and ‘partner’ Azerbaijan: gas first, morals second

Lukas Kotkamp
The Russia Crisis
23 May 2022

Brussels wants to ban Russian lobbyists, but France is not cooperating

Peter Teffer
The Russia Crisis
24 April 2022

C-Corp: the one-stop-shop for Putin’s friends in tax haven the Netherlands

Henk Willem Smits & Hugo Rasch
The Russia Crisis
21 March 2022

Villas, aeroplanes and yachts: 80 journalists hunting for the assets of Putin’s pals

Dimitri Tokmetzis, Henk Willem Smits & Nikki Brands
The Russia Crisis
17 March 2022

Even the ‘useful idiots’ in the European Parliament are distancing themselves from Putin

Ada Homolová & Jesse Pinster
The Russia Crisis
12 March 2022

Who is Jorrit Faassen, Putin’s Dutch son in law?

Charlie Ubbens, Jan Daalder & Marthe-Geke Bracht
The Russia Crisis
27 February 2022

These are the Russians that the Netherlands can squeeze [updated 15 March]

Henk Willem Smits, Hugo Rasch & Remy Koens