Where does all the Common Agricultural Policy money go?

Last edit: 12 September 2022

David 1

I have a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics, so I am a critic. I have ZERO (direct) financial stake; I experience indirect harms

What should be researched?

The CAP has been around for ages, and it's a HUGE part of the EU's budget ("only" 37% in 2017). Given its age and the vague and conflicting goals (Pillar I vs Pillar II), it seems ripe for investigation.

Who is affected?

All EU citizens (payment), farmers (large get the money; small get crushed), agribusiness, politicians (corruption)

Why should this story be researched?

CAP programs are often anti-development and pro-growth, anti-environment, anti-small community.

Where does this story take place?

The EU and countries affected by EU policy (=world, but esp. poorer countries).

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Hi David,

Many thanks for your pitch. Because there is already quite a bit of research done into the Common Agricultural Policy by us as well as by other media, we were hoping you could make your pitch a bit more specific. Perhaps you could provide us with a specific fund or act of wrongdoing we could look into. You can edit your pitch accordingly!

Many thanks,