What happened last 30 years with our pensionmoney?

Last edit: 12 September 2022

Nelleke Nieuwboer 4

I am outsider of this story and item, so not affected, privately. People trusted this. I feel for them.

What should be researched?

To track & trace the largest speculations. To follow the investments and their profits, especially abroad. Were the buildings abroad, in which is invested, really built? Why suddenly another system? To cover up the losses? (zie ook Zwarte Zwanen v Cees Grimbergen)

Who is affected?

Pensioncompanies got richer and richer, higher salaries and higher buildings. Affected: Working people of the Netherlands

Why should this story be researched?

Because lies do undermine our democratic system.

Where does this story take place?


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This seems to be a very dark area in finance. Only a small percentage of the pension capital has been payed out to working people. What happened to all the huge funds?
De nieuwe pensioenwet zal ook wel worden gebruikt om al die miljarden af te romen in de toekomst
Dear Luke,
I would like to respond to this theme and not because many people eat from the rack, but because 11 million people are being wronged. Working and retired people are robbed of their pension money by this government in collaboration with the Dutch bank. At the moment, pensioners have already lost 30% of purchasing power and if the new law is passed it will only get worse. This must be investigated because they are criminal activities