Sociale Innovation misused without the ondernemingsraden influence

Last edit: 12 September 2022

Jeannette 2

I have had some experiences in the past working for a small consultancy bureau, and we had difficulties to get ahead, with works council inv

What should be researched?

The idea of social innovation is to improve production processes etc. in companies by using ideas of the working force, as 75% of innovation comes from the workforce. Therefor works councils need to be involved. This is not checked and big consultancy firms organize the request for the money with nice titels, but standardized for their costumers and without any involvement of the works councils, not just in The Netherlands. The ministry knows due to a WOB request in the past.

Who is affected?

Works Councils, the workforce, small consultancy bureaus (as the big ones are invited at the ministry and are supported).

Why should this story be researched?

Because it is meant to improve the innovation power of companies and it isn't. The project EDI showed how much more can be done.

Where does this story take place?

In The Netherlands but everywhere in Europe. It would improve the influence of the workforce and stimulate works councils

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