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John May 2

I will gladly contribute my share.

What should be researched?

15% income tax for each euro earned in a year over €30.000 (minimum income). Income is both income from labor or investments for people and organizations. If you make €45.000 you pay €2250 income tax (45k minus 30k times 15%). If you make €1.530.000 you pay €225.000 income tax. If you make €1.500.030.000 you pay €225.000.000 income tax. The percentage (15% e.g.) is taken random. It might as well be 25%. A single tax bracket and income is defined as all earnings over a minimum income (€30.000).

Who is affected?

The richest who contribute the least will finally contribute their fair share.

Why should this story be researched?

The richest contribute the least and that must stop.

Where does this story take place?

All over the world

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John May 2

Why don't we inform the people more (often) about how much each one of us (people and compagnies) contributes tax-wise? Making the majority aware of the fact that they contribute most and own the least while a small minority contributes very little to nothing and owns practically everything.