Money that buys political leverage.

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Gerald 1

I’m a civilian who hates to see how institutional corruption in Europe is hollowing out legitimacy. Creating a cynical society.

What should be researched?

Small in comparative value yet its leverage results in the huge figures that harm our societies. No banking and pharmaceutical millions, no agriculture subsidy billions, no military procurement trillions. All of the second order. It's the upstream source, where money is used as a virus to infect our institutions, penetrating deep into the tissues of our societies.

Who is affected?

All institutional key decision makers, those they enable and the societies that are affected by faulty allocation of collective resources

Why should this story be researched?

We spend all the attention on the symptoms instead of looking at the origins. What are the patterns at work? Lay these bare.

Where does this story take place?

let's limit it to the EU, decisions on the key-sectors like banking, agriculture, telecommunications, pharma, etc

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