Fines and Subsidies

Last edit: 12 September 2022

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Does the EU want to reorganize the administrative and organizational aspects of the financial collection and payment process to take account

What should be researched?

Subsidies are paid to companies and individuals while there are still debts that cannot be collected. There should be a central current account relationship between the EU and citizens/businesses. And between public authorities and an EU body that
Central Current Account Ratio. Your cent account is your social security number supplemented with some other information.
Suppose you drive too fast, the fine will then be booked in the current account. Monthly payment.

Who is affected?

Every EU citizen, company, national governments, ministries, provincial councils, water boards, municipalities,

Why should this story be researched?


Where does this story take place?

The whole of Europe

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this is the way to a social credit system!