Environmental crime through so called recycling companies

Last edit: 12 September 2022

Pieter Reus 2

I work in this world as a conscious consultant. It's my societal heart that asks attention for this hidden problem.

What should be researched?

Our environment is polluted by all sorts of waste. The Environmental business is booming, but knowledge and control is limited. This provides the ideal situation for entrepreneurs with bad intentions. For example Italian maffia sinks purposely ships filled with chemical waste to the bottom of the Mediteranean See. And do not think it's not happening in your own wealthy country. Just follow the money!

Who is affected?

As a society we all pay for the we all pay for the consequences, but nature is the biggest victim.

Why should this story be researched?

This is a twilight world with still too little supervision and control. The consequences of this are har

Where does this story take place?

This happens all over the world. Much of exported 'western recycables' will go to third world landfill sites and partly end in our oceans.

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