European subsidies for fossil fuel producers

Last edit: 14 September 2022

JM Van Hoorn 4


What should be researched?

Fossile-fuel producers receive 9,5 million euros per minute of Government subsidies. This was concluded by the International Monetair Funds (IMF) , due to International analyses. According to Experts the National Governments are stimulating the Climatcrisis with Thea subsidies.
According to British Newspaper “The Guardian”, this means that yearly Fifty billion (!) euro is donated to Shell, Exxon and other multinationals in this polluting industry . Source: Volkskrant

Who is affected?

Fossile-fuel producers in Europe

Why should this story be researched?

Fossile-fuel producers have to switch to renewable energy.

Where does this story take place?

In heel Europa

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Hi JM,

Thanks a lot for your pitch. I have one question: would it be possible for you to translate the pitch from Dutch into English (for example using Google translate)? This way readers and voters from other countries can also read the pitch!

Many thanks in advance!

Pitchmaster Follow the Money
I did that, but how van I change the subject in English?