Why science isn't trusted; Universities' donors, trust funds and intellectual theft

Last edit: 12 September 2022

Pelle 2

I was a student and a member of the central student council where I tried to prevent this.

What should be researched?

Universities in Europe are giant money making machines. Heavily subsidized, they ask students to pay higher and higher fees while underpaying their employees. Their trust funds are worth billions, the ideas they sell that are made by their (PhD) students are intellectual theft and last but not least, their donors such as Chinese institutions or big lobby firms undermine the quality of knowledge, even leading to false academic papers being published.

Who is affected?

Students, academic research, teachers, trust in science

Why should this story be researched?

Corrupting universities where knowledge is handed over, where teachers inspire and young people start to think for themselves harms us all

Where does this story take place?

Every university that accepts donations in Europe

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