Why did we spend billions making FIWARE?

Last edit: 13 September 2022

Jonathan 2

My (former) company did get a 20k grant from the outreach to SME programme, mainly because it was too easy to get the "free money"

What should be researched?

Under Nelie Kroes the European commission had the initiative for the EU to have a software stack that startups and established companies could use that was an alternative to using the mainly US based stack of software used by 90% of companies today. The industry did not need it, it was never used, investors did not want to invest in companies that used an obscure stack, I dropped out after the initial stages (2006/7) but they already spent 800m by then and I am sure it is billions by now.

Who is affected?

The whole EU took the cost and major the funds were split down into the hand of mainly private companies and QUANGOs

Why should this story be researched?

It was ludicrous to do it , and in all the public meetings they held the feedback from everyone was that it was a waste of money

Where does this story take place?

Brussels , Antwerp, all over. The main recipients of the money were in "poorer" EU states.

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