Inconsequential results of Slovenia's secret language research

Last edit: 13 September 2022

Julian Bohan 1

Victim suing government which will delay transfer to the ECHR at least two years. With the previously erased it was 20 years.

What should be researched?

Researchers into the Slovenian language e.g. @ZrcSazu preen themselves while actual teaching time amounts to 0.021828473545247 seconds of individual attention per putative pupil per week (generous estimate). It is allegedly promoted by ZJRS 13.

The situation is a complex mix of history, insularism, and po-faced ignorance. describes the situation from the viewpoint of an illegal minority - English speakers - and the odd discriminatory consequences of Slovenia's secession in 1991.

Who is affected?

1 in 6 of the inhabitants of Slovenia are economically excluded on language grounds by the law Zakon o javni rabi slovenščine Article 14.

Why should this story be researched?

Slovenia cannot be judicially unbiased about its own raison d'etre and only pretends not to hate outsiders to get money: EU is no exception.

Where does this story take place?


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