Is fighting inflation ECBs first priority?

Last edit: 14 September 2022

Maria 2

I have savings myself

What should be researched?

The ECB states that fighting inflation is their first priority. However, analysis of their policies suggests that protecting economic downturn in high sovereign debt countries is always on their mind. Individuals that save money in cash or in a pension fund seem to be the victimized in order to allow countries like Italy to continue spending more than their economy can bear. The introduction of the TPI is the most recent step. What amount of money does this cost the European people?

Who is affected?

All the people in Europe, especially the ones with personal or pension savings.

Why should this story be researched?

Because the ECB is not transparant enough in what they do (look at the TPI) and most people do not understand how much this affects them

Where does this story take place?

In the Euro area

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