Consultancy companies whom are also joining WEF and DAVOS

Last edit: 17 September 2022


None, I am a consultant myself and run a small consultancy and headhunting company specialised in procurement. I am a critical thinker..

What should be researched?

Globally large consultancy companies whom are also present or organize events like WEF and DAVOS are always the only consultancy suppliers of the world's governments.

"co-operation" between banks and sponsors of nearly all professional events and consultancy companies are globally a fact.

These "consultancy" companies receive world-wide consultancy contracts from governments, banks and multinationals.

However, they are no consultancy companies, they are specialists in sales and fraud.

Who is affected?

The whole world, it is no consultancy it is a kind of mafia

Why should this story be researched?

Together with top officials at the government, banks and multinationals these consultancy companies form world's largest mafia / fraud org.

Where does this story take place?


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