What happened with all the economic growth?

Last edit: 21 September 2022

S. Bots 4

I have a modest income but I feel anfry about lower incomes do not profit of economic growth and publice services are deteriorating.

What should be researched?

The size of the Dutch economy almost has doubled since 1990. Yet the real disposable incomes of households pretty much are stalled since 1977. Where exactly did all that new money go?
State? Private companies financial reserves? Shareholders? Higher income groups? In the same time most public services are deteriorating. How come when the economy has doubled?

Who is affected?

Households, especially the low income and lower middle incomes as well as the public services.

Why should this story be researched?

Much of the new money through economic growth is wasted to people who already make a high income. e.g. stakeholders, higher income groups /

Where does this story take place?

The Netherlands nut it happened in about all Western countries.

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