E-commerce and customs/VAT fraud

Last edit: 24 September 2022

egon Visser 2

I want a fail and equal level playing field for eu companies, fair market and no fraud. I do not have any financial stakes in this matter

What should be researched?

When European customers order product on non-European websites, these goods are delivered to the customers, but VAT and import duties are not paid. This is possible because the foreign (often Chinese) sellers use fraudulent methods (undervaluation of the goods with false invoices) fake exports (missing trader scemes) to import their goods into the EU without paying VAT on import or customs duties. This is costing the EU and the member states and EU companiesa lot of money (billions)

Who is affected?

EU companies because of unfair competition, the EU (customs duties are EU own recourses), member states (less VAT revenue) and EU citizens

Why should this story be researched?

It should get more attention, it is a wicked problem which is hard to solve if member states do not corporate

Where does this story take place?

Everywhere in the EU

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