Dutch coffee shops fund organised crime

Last edit: 24 September 2022

Edoardo 2

Investigative journalist

What should be researched?

In The Netherlands, it's forbidden to grow cannabis plants. This means that coffee shops, while practicing a tolerated business - selling less than 5 gr. of weed per transaction - supply weed from illegal actors. This investigation seeks to investigate the money flow that goes from coffee shops to the black market. Who is owning the coffee shops? Who are the suppliers? Is the weed cultivated in The Netherlands or imported from abroad? Who are the intermediaries in the supply chain?

Who is affected?

Criminal organisations reinvest money from drug trafficking in other illegal activities that damage Dutch and European society as a whole.

Why should this story be researched?

To make people understand what's behind an apparently "legal" and "fun" activity such as smoking weed in country where it's permitted

Where does this story take place?

The Netherlands

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