Car manufacturing industry - How much subsidy is involved in building a European car?

Last edit: 26 September 2022

Erik Ooms 2

As an urban planner, I contribute to making cities more sustainable. But the car industry seems an unbeatable monster no one is questioning.

What should be researched?

The car manufacturing industry has a strong political influence in Europe, mainly driven by Germany's car lobby. This has led to weaker environmental legislation (Dieselgate scandel). Besides legislation the the car manufacturing industry is benefiting from from a large diversity of national and EU subsidies. e.g. ERDF funding for new locations, all types of 'innovation' funding under Horizon and Green Deal funding. How much EU subsidy is actually in an average EU car?

Who is affected?

European citizens in general, mostly the ones living in cities having to bear with high levels of environmetal pollution and health problems

Why should this story be researched?

The streams are so diverse, direct and unclear, and also potetially involve corruption, e.g. in large ERDF funding schemes in Eastern EU.

Where does this story take place?

The VDL factory in Dutch Limburg, new manufactering plants in Hungary (Orbans), the factories in France, Italy, Spain and Germany, and Bxl

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