European investors financing dirty private equity firms

Last edit: 7 October 2022

Karen 2

No financial stakes. I have experience in this matter and work with organisations/people affected by fossil fuel & biomass companies.

Jury comment

Private equity is deeply woven into the fabric of the European economy and it is here to stay. It impacts our climate, the future of our economy, and social rights. As such, it should be scrutinised – thoroughly. And that’s exactly what we will do: it’s the winningpitch.

What should be researched?

European investors usually have quite strong Social & Environmental (S&E) policies of which companies (not) to invest in, but they also invest their money in private equity firms. These firms operate without any public scrutiny or S&E policies. I recently found that private equity firms are more and more present in fossil fuel companies and large-scale biomass companies. How come EU investors are publicly committing to S&E goals, but making money through private equity firms at the same time?

Who is affected?

Everyone, but marginalised people the most: fossil fuels & biomass contribute to the climate & biodiversity crisis, and cause social issues.

Why should this story be researched?

Our fight against the climate crisis shouldn't be undermined by indirect, obscure finance. We need to be aware of where the money is going.

Where does this story take place?

The whole of Europe, USA

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Have you done a story on Iranian IRGC money and the EU's unwillingness to add them to the terrorist list?


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