Selling the State for Personal Profit

Last edit: 29 September 2022

Rodrigo Bueno Lacy 1

I am a researcher of European migration. Nothing else.

What should be researched?

The Schröder Model: What prominent jobs, and particularly, what material or financial assets have former EU heads of government gotten after a time in office characterized by large privatizations of public sector enterprises (e.g., railways, healthcare, water, electricity, media, etc.)? Is it possible to trace any compensations from the economic sectors their policies benefited the most (i.e., banking, financial, oil and gas, and real estate corporations)?

Who is affected?

The increasingly impoverished societies across the EU, including refugees and the poor, who are scapegoated for the loss of prosperity

Why should this story be researched?

Because it is clear that political elites are willing to sell public wealth to enrich themselves and their friends

Where does this story take place?

All across the EU but I find the Netherlands and the UK governments of the last decade particularly predatory.

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