Equity Investment is Rigged: Consider meme stocks....

Last edit: 29 September 2022

Jacob 1

I have been following the "meme stock" saga. As an investor in $GME $BBBY and $KIRK; I have seen my investments predated thru naked-shorting

What should be researched?

While the saga of "meme stocks" has captured the zeitgeist, one story remains under-amplified: market clearing firms (who hold the majority of equity notes) committed international securities fraud when tasked to deliver a stock-dividend to shareholders ($GME & $GS2C:Berlin, 2021). The underlying issue is that the practice of "naked shorting" can create more shares of a stock than actually exists. Thus, when an account of all shares is required to effect the dividend, fraud must commence....

Who is affected?

International owners of $GME & $GS2C:BER, and their counterparties: short hedge-funds.

Why should this story be researched?

Naked shorting devalues your work and your investments. The practice drives businesses to bankruptcy to obviate repayment of loaned shares.

Where does this story take place?

Globally through registry of "meme stocks" on local exchanges.

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