Cash Flow Accounting in Banks, practice study

Last edit: 30 September 2022

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My thesis is my contribution and it gained some attention after defence, for example in Financial Times but now I could explain it better!

What should be researched?

A PhD thesis I defended eight years ago after a research from 2008-2014 concluded that a special accounting regulation would be needed for banks in light of the historical experience from both 2008 and earlier in the 80s and 30s. But the harmonised international accounting standards and globalised financialisation fights against any special treatment of banks so this is a tough call - still there is need for the global discussion about how to account for cash flow in banks. Specially now!

Who is affected?

Banking Industry, Big Four Accounting Firms, International Accounting Standard Setters, Local Banking Regulators and National Supervisors

Why should this story be researched?

The understanding of credit creation in the banking system has leapfrogged in the last eight years so informed public discussion is needed!

Where does this story take place?

Globally in the plumbing of the payment system and in annual financial statements of all banks and their international accounting firms

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