A pan-European investigation into the largest EU stimulus package in history

The Corona Recovery and Resilience Facility (RFF) is the largest money pot the European Union has ever set up. Until 2026, about 500 billion euros will be channelled to Member States. That money is earmarked to help revive the European economy after the Corona crisis and is tied to ambitious plans and reforms.

But fraud and corruption are lurking.

In 2021, Follow the Money started the Recovery Files project with journalists from across Europe. Even before a penny had been spent, we pointed out the fund’s weaknesses: the faltering democratic process, gaps in its oversight, insufficient transparency and dubious lobbying influence.

Since then, our team has expanded to include journalists from 20 Member States, and the most important phase of our investigation is now underway: mapping the beneficiaries. Is the money ending up in the right places? Are all conditions being met? And can the European Commission keep its promise that public money will be spent appropriately this time?

We are continuing our investigation. Because there is only one way to discover the truth: Follow the Money.



Read the Stories

Follow the Money (The Netherlands)




ABC (Spain)
Átlátszó (Hungary)
Apache (Belgium)
El Confidencial (Spain)
Context (Romania)
Deník.cz (Czechia)
DEO.dk (Denmark)
De Tijd (Belgium)
ICJK (Slovakia)
Iltalehti (Finland)
ISE (Romania)
IRPImedia (Italy)
The Journal (Ireland)
Moncloa (Spain)
Le Monde (France)
Noteworthy (Ireland)
OKO.press (Poland)
Onet.pl (Poland)
Oštro (Croatia)
Oštro (Slovenia)
Reporters United (Greece)
Welt (Germany)
ZackZack (Austria)


Meet the team

The Recovery Files is made possible by research from the following journalists:

  • Steven Vanden Bussche, Apache (Belgium)
  • Gabi Horn, Átlátszó (Hungary)
  • Kike Andres Pretel, El Confidencial (Spain)
  • Marta Ley, El Confidencial (Spain)
  • Attila Bíró, Context Investigative Reporting Project (Romania)
  • Roberta Spiteri, Daphne Foundation (Malta)
  • Staffan Dahllöf, DEO.dk (Denmark / Sweden)
  • Petr Vodsedalek, Deník (Czech Republic)
  • Adriana Homolova, Follow the Money (The Netherlands)
  • Peter Teffer, Follow the Money (The Netherlands)
  • Lise Witteman, Follow the Money (The Netherlands)
  • Marii Karell, freelance (Estonia)
  • Emilia Garcia Morales, Grupo Merca2 (Spain)
  • Marcos García Rey, Grupo Merca2 (Spain)
  • Beatriz Jimenez, Grupo Merca2 (Spain)
  • Lukas Diko, Investigatívne centrum Jána Kuciaka (Slovakia)
  • Karin Kőváry Sólymos, Investigatívne centrum Jána Kuciaka (Slovakia)
  • Jarno Liski, Iltalehti (Finland)
  • Carlotta Indiano, Irpimedia (Italy)
  • Giulio Rubino, Irpimedia (Italy)
  • Thomas Klein, Luxemburger Wort (Luxembourg)
  • Adrien Sénécat, Le Monde (France)
  • Piotr Maciej Kaczyński, Onet.pl (Poland)
  • Maria Pankowska, OKO.press (Poland)
  • Ante Pavić, Oštro Hrvatska (Croatia)
  • Matej Zwitter, Oštro Slovenija (Slovenia)
  • Janine Louloudi, Reporters United (Greece)
  • Lars Bové, De Tijd (Belgium)
  • Hans-Martin Tillack, Die Welt (Germany)
  • Ben Weiser, ZackZack (Austria)