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Follow the Money believes independent journalism to be of the utmost importance. Journalism, and investigative journalism in particular, is an indispensable link in a well-functioning democracy. Governments, companies, institutions and individuals must be held accountable when they misbehave or cause societal harm. Power left unchecked can lead to black pages in the history books.

The pressure on independent journalism is greater – and more harrowing – than many people think. The 2017 murder of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was a low point for all of Europe. In the years that followed, in Victor Orbán's Hungary, the media was increasingly silenced. Greece, a country where the Dutch go on holiday en masse, ranks by far the lowest of all EU Member States on the Press Freedom Index.

The fact that our colleagues in other European countries have a much harder time, and in some places are even actively undermined by their government, deserves our full attention.

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