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European Commission

The ‘government’ of the European Union.

The EU Files
Yesterday 6:00

How an old boy’s network hijacked Europe’s plan for a green future

Simon Van Dorpe
The EU Files
3 February 2023

Prominent EU Commissioner gratefully accepted royal treatment in the Emirates

Simon Van Dorpe & Salsabil Fayed
The EU Files
25 January 2023

Cash for reforms? Hard choices yet to come for EU’s recovery fund

Peter Teffer
The EU Files
2 October 2022

Political scientist Tommaso Pavone on neglect of the rule of law: ‘The European Commission has all too often been a bystander’

Jesse Pinster & Lukas Kotkamp
The EU Files
13 September 2022

Brussels will not tolerate any ‘interference’ in how the corona billions are spent

Peter Teffer
The Russia Crisis
12 August 2022

The EU and ‘partner’ Azerbaijan: gas first, morals second

Lukas Kotkamp
The EU Files
28 July 2022

Brussels wants to scatter useless hydrogen filling stations all over Europe

Jesse Pinster
The EU Files
27 July 2022

Lobby researcher: ‘The Kroes case shows superbly how the system is failing’

Peter Teffer
The EU Files
6 May 2022

Politics rolled out the red carpet for speculation on energy and food prices

Lise Witteman