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Olaf Ephraim

Former banker at Fortis GSLA. Together with Frank Vogel he focussed on CumEx transactions. Vogal and Efraim were fir, toelegde op CumEx-transacties. Fortis fired Vogel en Ephraim after a whistleblower reported on their activvities, but Fortis GSLA did not discontinue the trade.

After he was fred, Ephraim gave up banking. Currently, he is in politics, and is serving as an member of parliament, first for right-wing party Forum voor Democratie, later for Groep Van Haga.

The CumEx Investigation
20 December 2022

Fortis Bank Netherlands engaged in fraudulent CumEx deals after its nationalisation

Eric Smit & Siem Eikelenboom
2 March 2019

Already in 2005, the FIOD detected worldwide billion-dollar fraud with dividend tax

Eric Smit & Siem Eikelenboom