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South Pole

Swiss climate consultancy firm annex carbon credits trader, in 2022 the biggest and most influential of its kind. Its most prestigous project – Kariba, a forest conservation project in Zimbabwe – is managed in cooperation with Carbon Green Investments (CGI), established by Steve Wentzel. In 2022, South Pole discovered that the calculation method had seriously overestimated the anticipated deforestation, rendering most of their carbon credits worthless.

18 May

After the South Pole controversy, Zimbabwe steps in with a plan to regulate CO2 trade

Ties Gijzel
25 April 2023

‘Green’ European companies hold back on adjusting incorrect climate claims

Bart Crezee & Ties Gijzel
10 March 2023

The world’s largest carbon trader is wrestling with painful facts about its business model

Ties Gijzel & Bart Crezee
27 January 2023

Showcase project by the world’s biggest carbon trader actually resulted in more carbon emissions

Bart Crezee & Ties Gijzel