Become a source

Some of our biggest stories started off with a confidential tip. If you think you're able to help us expose the truth, please contact us. You can do so securely and anonymously.

What makes a good news tip?

A good news tip contains hard evidence, such as e-mails, internal documents or financial statements. Also, consider who is impacted by this story. To quote the New York Times, ‘While we agree it is unfair that your neighbor is stealing cable, we would not write a story about it.’

Step 1: are you in a safe place?

Never use a work-provided device or online account to contact the press. Employers are often able to snoop on your communication.

As a minimum, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you, or are you familiar with, the owner of the computer device you're currently using?
  • Are you using an internet connection you can trust?
  • Is anyone looking over your shoulder?

If you require an extra level of security, consider using Tor Browser and Tails.

Step 2: do you require full anonymity?

Follow the Money is committed to protecting the identity of our sources. However, if you don't want us to know your identity, you can choose to stay fully anonymous. Understand that this will make it more difficult for us to contact you in case we need to ask follow-up questions.

Step 3: what kind of information do you wish to share?
Step 4: who do you want to contact?

If you're unsure which journalist you wish to contact, select 'Follow the Money as a whole'. We'll make sure your message ends up with the right person.

Okay, these are your options: